Head of Department, Assets Management

Working Location Central Business District of Singapore

Our Client is a Well Known Investment Capital via Forex, Futures, Stock, and bond with extended service of relevant financial products and also specializes in foreign exchange products with 24-hour trading capacity and competitive edge by using instruments, Job Responsibilities

  • Implement the business strategy effectively;

  • Lead the team to formulate, optimize and promote specific steps and implementations to achieve business objectives. Carry out regular statistics, analysis of business data, the formation of analysis report;

  • Responsible for cross-departmental communication and integration of cross-departmental resources to achieve business objectives

  • Keep an eye on the process of business development, timely communicate and give feedback, and participate in proposing adjustment plans

  • Sort out the business process, explore the best path, avoid relevant risks and improve the timeliness of business.

Job Requirements:

  • Degree or above, major in Economics, Finance, Financial Engineering, Computational finance, Law, etc;

  • Pass through modules 1A/1B/2A and 6A of CMFAS organized by IBF or CFA holder;

  • More than 10 years' relevant experience in sales and trading business in the financial industry such as hedge funds, asset management companies, securities, Banks and trusts;

  • Have the professional market supervision qualification;

  • Familiar with local regulatory policies in Singapore;

  • Proficient in Chinese and English, due to this position will close contact Chinese counterpart.

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