System Administrator

Location: Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

You are responsible for designing, implementing, deploying, configuring and monitoring the Windows/Linux/Unix server infrastructure. In this role, you will work with other team members to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of our expanding pool of Windows/Linus/Unix servers and develop or implement automation and other solutions to make your management of servers more efficient. You will, based on the server statistics and your knowledge of operational baselines, make recommendations and implement changes to keep the servers running well, and over time, improve their performance. Responsibilities includes:

  • Install, setup and configure Linux or Unix servers, including in high availability configuration

  • Plan, create and maintain the servers according to industry best practices to ensure their security, reliability and efficient day-to-day operations

  • Monitor and manager performance, responsiveness, space and available capacity of Linus/Unix servers to ensure they operate reliably and efficiently without stoppages

  • Ensure proper and timely executive of scheduled jobs (including backups)

  • Develop and maintain process automation jobs using a variety of scripting languages such as Bash, Perl and Python and standard Unix command line tools

  • Install, configure and maintain efficient operation of common Linux/Unix services such as Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, PosrgresQL, Apache Directory Services, slapd (OpenLDAP)

  • Collaborate with colleagues in deployment of IT solutions onto Unix servers

  • Plan, manage and maintain documentation on Unix systems

  • Plan and manage permission and access controls to the servers

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