Product Manager

Job Description

Be the one who is responsible for defining the why, when, and what of the product that the engineering team builds. Lead cross-functional teams from a product's conception all the way through to its launch. Set the strategy, road map, and feature definition for a product or product line. Provide the deep product expertise needed to lead the organization and make strategic product decisions. Analyze market and competitive conditions, laying out a product vision that is differentiated and delivers unique value based on customer demands. The role spans many activities from strategic to tactical and provides important cross-functional leadership — most notably between engineering, marketing, sales, and support teams.


  • Set a product vision and strategy. Clearly articulate the business value to the product team so they understand the intent behind the new product or product release. The product manager owns the road map and must prioritize building what matters most to achieve the strategic goals and initiatives behind the product.

  • Product managers must plan what their teams will deliver and the timeline for implementation. Define the release process and coordinate all of the activities required to bring the product to market. This involves bridging gaps between different functions within the company and aligning all of the teams involved — namely marketing, sales, and customer support. Responsibilities also include managing dependencies in and across releases to complete release phases and milestones.

  • Own the creative process of generating, developing, and curating new ideas. They determine which ideas should be promoted into features to push the product strategy forward — namely those that will achieve key objectives for the product line and business Develop products by identifying potential products; conducting market research; generating product requirements;

  • Prioritize features by ranking them against the strategic goals and initiatives. This requires making difficult trade-off decisions based on the value that new features will deliver to customers and to the business. The product manager is also responsible for defining the requirements for each feature and the desired user experience.

Skills And Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in IT, engineering or business related fields.

  • Technical enough to understand how our underlying products are built and have a keen eye for design. Product management is both an art and a science.

  • Observer - assemble a holistic picture of where the product is currently, what customers think of it, and where it needs to go in the future. Strategist - establish what to achieve so the product team can work on what matters. The strategic product manager tracks the goals and makes changes to the plan accordingly.

  • Accountant - own the performance of your product. Set quantifiable goals and establish clear metrics to determine success.

  • Aligner - ensure that the strategy is deeply linked to the day-to-day work by aligning high-level and task-oriented work with all

  • stakeholders.

  • Driver - push the team harder to get meaningful work done.

  • Evangelist - market the product internally and externally. Compete internally for resources while advocating the value and joy of using your product to your customers. Share your enthusiasm widely.

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills to explain complex technical topics in an easily digestible manner 3+ years of product (software) manager experience

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