Software Developer - UI


  • One-year or more mobile html 5 development experience, familiar with common browsers, can effectively solve browser compatibility issues and performance issues.

  • Proficient in Javascript, skilled handwriting JS code, proficient in a variety of front-end debugging tools; familiar with JS performance optimization;

  • Familiar with the common front-end libraries (jQuery, etc.), familiar with the front-end framework (React/Vue/Angular, etc.); familiar with HTML5/CSS3 and other technologies;

  • Knowledge of RESTful services, e.g. Java API for Rest Web Services preferred

  • Have the interest and ability to solve problems, study new technologies, and have strong sensitivity to new technologies and trends in the web technology;

  • Clear thinking, good comprehension, strong sense of responsibility, strong resistance to pressure;

  • Grasp a server-side programming language and be familiar with the front-end and back-end collaborative development is a plus.

  • Bachelor degree or above, fluent in English and Chinese


  • Development and maintenance of the company's web products and APP products;

  • Verify and repair the bugs found by QA, continuously improvement of the product;

  • Participate in the technical implementation of the product discussion and Code Review;

  • Participate in product performance, architecture optimization;

  • According to the established work process, effective cooperation with other team colleagues to quickly solve the problem;

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