Marketing Operations Manager

Industry : Social Media Networking


  • Conduct market research and analysis; explore business development opportunities with optimized collaboration plans.

  • Research local market trends and user demands; provide operation strategies and support execution.

  • Create and execute branding and marketing plans to support overall product development; preferably with previous advertising/social media/TV entertainment experience.

  • Complete content generation/growth opportunity reports for different target marketing countries; develop execution proposals in purpose of continuous user growth,and leverage marketing automation tools to improve performances, including new users acquisition, total active users, and market share, etc.

  • Establish and promote deep communication and collaboration with local KOLs, social media and other digital channels to develop online community reputation and brand awareness.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or equivalent is required.

  • Minimum 3 -5 years of working of related experience in content operations, event marketing or branding; preferably with relevant experience in Internet companies, media, marketing agencies, entertainment industry background.

  • In-depth understanding with local market, especially local culture and Internet development trend.

  • Familiarity of local social media influencers and headhunters.

  • Strong interpersonal skills set with superb written/editing skills.

  • Highly motivated and object-oriented self-starter.

  • Prioritize to candidate who has shorten notice period.

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