Events Manager

Key Objective

The candidate is responsible for planning, managing and organizing all corporate events to enhance the company’s brand image, raise level of engagement of target audiences and support the company’s overall business objectives. The role requires the candidate to focus on planning and lead the management of events to ensure that all events are professionally executed, business objectives are met and branding opportunities are maximized.


  • To lead the planning and execution of all events

  • To work with various departments in organizing the company’s annual corporate event calendar.

  • Manage internal and external resources in supporting the success of all events

  • Develop partnership with key departments and contribute ideas in the execution of the events that will help them achieve their business objectives

  • Manage the expenses for every event within the budget provided

  • Identify and recommend new ideas to improve the branding and marketing impact and efficiency of the events

  • Work with external vendors/service providers, where necessary

  • Work closely with the Communications Team to ensure timely distribution of communication to stakeholders with regards to the events concerned


  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Effective written and oral communication skills in English

  • Good communication and presentation skills.

  • Creative and innovative with a good project management core

  • Positive, proactive and a great motivator

  • Ability to facilitate or emcee at events is an advantage

  • Has at least 5 years of working experience in event management, conference, conventions, corporate functions, etc

  • BS/BA university degree

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