Planning Manager - Hanoi


  • Control the strategy direction and corresponding documentation, media delivery, activities, news, packaging programs, biding and pricing, acceptance check, payment and other processes for all the project.

  • HR work of the planning and creating department: recruiting, formulating and implementing training and assessment system, team building, planning and creating staff deployment, in-advance talent reserving and training for new project.

  • Assist in developing new customers: participating in developing new customers, planning business cooperation, activities and preparing all the needed material.

  • Assist regional general manager on inspecting the land parcel, supervise and guide all the works regarding planning and creating. Assist the project manager to manage the planning team, participate in the formulation and implementation of the key project strategy and help the project according to the volume. Assist the works of recruiting talents of advertising creation and land investing and expanding.

  • Represent the region to carry out the works regarding communication, balance, public relations and resource integration; communicate with headquarters and other horizontal departments.

  • Collect periodically suggestions from other departments on planning and creating, coordinate with other departments

  • Assist strategic development department and GM office department to carry out works on public activities and relations.

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