Customs & Foreign Trade Operation, Assistant Manager



  • Responsible for Custom and Foreign Trade for Malaysia and Singapore.

  • Ensure of compliance within supply chain operational processes with regard to Foreign Trade (Customs and Trade Control)

  • Perform customs operations and duty optimization, Performs trade control activities

  • The position is to provide part of the below customs services for companies in mainland China

  • The position is also to coach and supervise a group of co-workers to make sure processes are implemented, ensure the agreed service level with cost control and in compliance with governmental regulations, companies policies and Transportation and Distribution Safety (TDS) requirements.

  • Perform import customs declaration, if linked considering prohibitions and restrictions and customs procedures. Manage refunds and reconcile customs duties owed.

  • Perform export customs declaration (see also trade control operations and excise duties). Manage refunds and reconcile customs duties owed

  • Manage the calculation of the preferential origin, the creation of the related declarations and its distribution as required.

  • Executive trade control for inbound and outbound deliveries ensuring that trade control relevant regulations are operationally considered obtaining licenses and other documents from authorities and customers, If linked, the export customs declaration is performed as well.

  • Optimizing and monitoring customs duty payments through applicable customs procedures be it duty suspension schemes or duty drawback procedures.

  • Optimizing and monitoring excise duty payments. If linked, the export customs declaration is included.

  • Classify goods into the relevant customs codes.

  • Respond to and manage audit activities, Provide requested information by competent authorities. Advise and train internal partners about all operational foreign trade aspects.

  • Manage and monitor customs brokers operationally. Advise on functional requirements during tender process

  • Support operation team to solve critical customs/CIQ disputes, guide to take corrective and preventive actions

  • Ensure existing operating procedures and processes are adhered to. Comply with the regulations in ISO9002 and ISO14001 and improving our behaviour to ensure the system go smoothly. Ensure order processing in line with TDS requirement.

  • Ensure all the related service, process and documentation is in compliance with government & country-specific legal laws and regulations.

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