General Manager, SEA

Based in Hong Kong


  • Be Responsible for budgeting and submitting of revenue and expenditure budget for overseas product and practice it.

  • Promote the ophthalmology and radiotherapy equipment by leveraging sales experience in designated area and achieve sales target delivery.

  • Search and develop agents and dealers in the area responsible. Strive for cooperation opportunities to achieve the sales target.

  • Establish cooperative relationship with Key Opinion Leader in therapeutic area of ophthalmology and radiotherapy.

  • Lead the team to conduct research and analysis of customer needs with keen market awareness.

  • Develop marketing strategies, plan marketing activities, and create business opportunities.

  • Supervise and coach subordinates carry out the work based on sales policy set by the company.

  • Stimulate team’s working enthusiasm effectively, enhance team cohesion and drive team to achieve company performance target.


  • Be able to develop market and relationship quickly.

  • Be equipped with successful case and experience dealing with the senior management of hospitals, and be able to independently complete the statement of account.

  • Led a team performance ranked within the top 30% in the company, or 100% achieved the annual sales targets during previous assignment.

  • Commercial sensitivity, decision-making ability and crisis management skill.

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