Operations Administration Team Manager


  • Provide administration support to the entire Project Operations Department including planning and ensuring the timely execution of various operations support administration duties.

  • Manage the project operations processes to attain optimal operational efficiency and policy compliance at all times, including conducting necessary quality audits, training and clarification meetings.

  • Contribute towards driving strong customer relationships by focusing on administrative responsiveness and communications as well as on meeting and/or exceeding customer’s expectations.

  • Leads, manages, coordinates and directs the administration team in order to support the project operational team whom can then maintain focus on seamless operational execution, profitability and achieving Financial Revenue/GM.

  • Supports the business review, revenue/GM outlook forecasting process though collating, data analysis & reporting.

  • Ensure that all administrative tasks and data entries as assigned are executed in a timely and accurate manner.

  • Prepare and deliver clear performance expectations, performance reviews, coaching and development plans for all operations support administrators.

  • Recruit, hire, motivate and retain administration team members to optimize staffing levels.

  • Monitor, develop and implement continuous improvement of project operations processes.

  • Adapt, enhance and standardize changing administrative process to promote operational efficiency.

  • Generate, analyze and interpret financial statistics and other data and produce relevant reports to enable strategic decision making by project team leads/project managers.

  • Involve and participate in monthly project review meetings (i.e. Project UBR, WIP, etc.)

  • Compile the actual deliveries and ensure that all project operations deliveries are executed, billed and recognized.

  • Support the month end closing activities and prepare monthly backlog/GM reports including consolidation and ensure timely reporting of backlog/GM forecasts to finance.

  • Provide SAP supports and training (if required) to Operations Administrators, including training for project management & admin. workflow process.

  • Attend to various ad-hoc issues/meetings relating to operations administration/SAP/reporting matters.

  • Participate in Company and Department CI project to enhance process efficiency and compliance.

  • To ensure accuracy of Overtime and Site Duty Claims payout.

  • Generate DLP report and monthly submission to DBC finance by MEC "X - 4" for DLP revenue catch-up (if any).

  • Quarterly review & updates of DLP/Warranty dates (start & end) in finance's given Warranty report and to update with correct dates in CJ20N SAP system if any changes as informed by PMs.

Skills & knowledge requirements

  • High WIP (for CC contracts) and UBR aging (for POC contracts).

  • Order and invoice accuracy (and credit notes)

  • Day–to-invoice

  • Project Management & Admin. process efficiency level

  • Customer Satisfaction Index (Quarterly Survey)

  • Operations Actual Cost Deliveries (MIGO-ing of vendor’s DO and sub-con’s Claim) for projects.

Experience/qualifications requirements

  • Business Administrative Degree or equivalent

  • Minimum 5 years of Service Administration experience in a high-pressure, fast paced organization

  • Good communication, analytical, organizing,& relationship management skills

  • Computer knowledge Microsoft Power Point, Excel and Words

  • Must be a pro-active team player and able to lead an administration team

  • Ability to multi-task, work irregular hours and under pressure when required

  • Knowledge in financial reporting & forecasting

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