Sales Manager

Job Description:

  • Growing the HVAC Revenues, Profits and Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty according to the annual operation plan (AOP) and HVAC Strategies in Malaysia.

  • Develop and Implement the strategies to accomplish the IR Vision (Opex, Dramatic Growth and Dual Citizen).

  • Develop and Manage HVAC for Malaysia channel resources according to finantial goals and company policies.

  • Set up HVAC sales objectives, growth strategies and performs regular budgeting, planning and forecasting activities.

  • Operate with overall business acumen to maximize profitability and other key measurements of business success.

  • Identify business opportunities and implement the required targets/measures to succeed.

  • Formulate and execute account penetration strategy and tactics to maximize company's business objectives.

  • To ensure excellent Customer Satisfaction, ensure that technical and commercial conditions are negotiated within company guidelines and to confirm this through internal reviews.

  • Work closely with Operations area to guarantee the products and services area delivered on time , according to customer requirement and IR standards.

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